A seamless wall finish requires quality drywall taping and mudding. And, drywall taping or mudding is not easy as it seems as it is a tedious process that needs patience and skill. Taping drywall joints can be a tempting DIY project, but as you may think, you save more when doing it yourself, think again.

A professional drywall taping service ensures that the right procedure and materials are done. This prevents unnecessary redoing on your painting and finishing when you realized hairline cracks start to appear or worse mold build-up has started to occur. Wavy or crooked drywall is caused by poor drywall taping and can be an unsightly interior surface and replacing and redoing the process of drywalling will cost more in the long run.

Professional Drywall Taping 

At Central Oregon Drywall Contractors, we make sure to deliver excellent drywall taping and mudding that you can enjoy for many years to come. We are certified and insured, so you rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable company. A team of experts in drywall aping, we only use high-grade mudding compound in all our projects. This means you’ll have a seamless finish without any cracks or rough spots after months or even years after installation.

With years of experience, our family-owned drywall services have provided outstanding workmanship to both residential and commercial projects. From drywall taping for renovation projects to full-blown projects, we have the capability, experience, and passion for the trade to provide excellent drywall taping service.

Comprehensive Drywall Service 

As your one-stop-shop for all your drywall service, we not only provide drywall taping and mudding but to drywall installations, repair and replacement. We serve Central Oregon and nearby locations so you can rely on us when you need a fast and accessible drywall taping company near your area.

Client-Driven Goals 

While we love what we do, our clients’ satisfaction is our driving force to provide the best-tailored drywall taping service in all of Central Oregon. As we put into account all the aspects before commencing work on any project, we value our client’s input. We will ask you which paint you will be applying and the type of drywall you have. Meticulous planning also involves knowing the room layout, numbers of windows, and other factors that might affect our drywall taping activity.

Having repeat clients and positive feedbacks from our past projects gives us the confidence that we are doing things right and Don’t just take our word for it. You can have a look at our portfolio of past projects and find our reviews from past clients.

Levels of Drywall Taping

Yes, you’ve read it right. There are levels of drywall taping and it starts by identifying the best level to take for your project. Please see down below the 5 levels of drywall taping and corresponding applications.

Level Zero –No finishing and taping applied.

Application: Temporary Facilities, Interiors with no final finish yet.

This is the lowest level of finishing that requires no surface application at all and no taping, joint compound or additional tools.  This is where the drywall itself is not permanent or while you are still determining the appropriate final finish level.

Level One –Fire proofing and taping is applied.

Application: Plenum Areas above ceilings, Attics, Areas out of Public View, Industrial Buildings.  

While mostly unfinished, level one has fire proofing and taping, but not necessarily up to full fire-resistant assembly requirements.

Level Two – Taping applied but no painting.

Application:  Garages, Warehouses, Storage Spaces and other areas where surface appearance is not needed.

Applicable for surfaces that will be tiled over and are not visible to clients.

Level Three – Smoothen down tool marks and unfinished edges.

Application: Surfaces that need heavy or medium texture finishes before final painting, heavy-grade wallcoverings are to be applied as final decoration.

Level Four – Joint compound shall be smooth and free of tool marks and ridges. The prepared surface should be coated with a drywall primer prior to the application of final finishes.

Application: For surface that will receive flat paints, light textures or wall coverings

Level Five – A thin skim coat of joint compound, or a material manufactured especially for the is purpose, shall be applied to the entire surface. The surface shall be smooth and free of tool marks and ridges.

Application: Interiors to receive gloss, semi-gloss, enamel or non-textured flat paints

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