Along the fascination on the psychedelic and shaggy carpets of the 1970s are popcorn walls and ceilings were all the rave back then. The textured surface might as well have started way back in the late 1930s.

Textured surfaces are actually helpful in covering up imperfections such as dents, cracks, or uneven surfaces. But if your home was built early 1980’s then it’s highly plausible that your drywall contains asbestos. And removing the dangerous material is needed.

With the advent of modern design, removing popcorn from the ceiling or walls is inevitable. A seamless surface will give your home an updated look while it’s an opportunity to have a thorough inspection by experts.

At Central Oregon Drywall Contractors, we are licensed and highly trained to remove asbestos drywall as not everyone has the capability to remove it safely.

Safety and Site Preparation 

After determining the best approach for the removal process, we start off by protecting your furniture and installing a plastic enclosure to isolate the possible dust and debris produced during the popcorn removal process.

Our highly trained popcorn removal team will also make sure that your flooring and other interior surfaces are protected.

Turning off the air conditioning unit is also required to prevent debris or dust to be caught up in the system.

Removal Process 

After doing the safety measures and safety preparation our experienced workers will start by carefully removing the popcorn texture until the original drywall surface completely appears. During this process, we make as not to damage the existing drywall. With our extensive experience in removing popcorn ceilings and textured surfaces, we are confident that we will provide quality output on all types of projects.

Fully Insured

All our drywall services big or small including removal of popcorn ceiling comes with a lifetime guarantee. We are fully insured so you have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable popcorn ceiling removal company in the heart of Oregon.

Drywall Replacement 

Depending on the structural integrity of your drywall you have the option to replace your drywalling system instead. If there are parts of your property that need drywall replacement, we are more than happy to provide you with excellent service.

Clean Up and Quality Control 

Once we’ve finished with our popcorn ceiling removal process it is time to clean the work area. We do periodic cleaning for larger projects. Our experienced texture removal team is experienced in properly disposing of debris and collected dust from the site.

We won’t turn over any project if the client is not satisfied with our work but typically, we always provide excellent removal service always on the first time. So we both won’t be wasting our resources during this tedious project.

Contact Us: 

For more information about popcorn ceiling removal and the services that we can provide for your property, don’t hesitate to call us. Our knowledgeable customer care team will be more than happy to assist you. You can avail of a free estimate and initial walkthrough to the site so we may determine the extent of the popcorn to be removed.