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Drywall Installation & Repair Services

As nothing lasts forever, so does the structural integrity of your drywall boards and if you think that artwork did a great job in covering that hole in the wall, think again. Molds and mildew love dark places and that single hole in the wall is an inviting place for the fungus to get in and thrive in the moistened area.

Don’t let that crack on your wall ruin your seamless interior wall, have it fixed right away to prevent further damage to your property. And, if holes are not only your problem such as you see creeping hairline cracks or worse lifting drywall on your ceiling then it’s high time to talk to drywall repair experts.

If you need professional one-time repair our drywall repair services at Central Oregon Drywall Contractors will provide you with fast and quality drywall board repair that’s within your preferences and budget.

Reputable Drywall Repair and Replacement

At the heart of Oregon and nearby areas, we have done an extensive number of repairs in past years. As we are confident in taking over large and complex drywall repair projects, we are more than happy to cover simple projects as well. No matter how small or negligent it seems, a small crack or hole on your wall may a sign of underlying causes of a more severe problem.

Our drywall specialists in Central Oregon Drywall Contractors will do a thorough inspection to assess the damage and determine if there are other structural damages in your property. There are a lot of reasons why problems arise even after a new gypsum board installation and of them is due to poor workmanship. Rest assured to our highly-trained drywall installers are meticulous in their installation and will make sure to install the best quality board in the market that is within your budget.

Drywall Molds
Mold growing out of your wall is not a pretty sight and at the same time can cause health problems and irritation to building occupants. If you have a family member who has asthma, getting rid of the mold in your drywall should be done ASAP. Other discolorations on your wall can be caused by poor ventilation, smoking or if it’s located in a kitchen area, fumes from cooking can stain your drywall.

If you suspect or are see mold growth out of your drywall it is highly advisable to get an expert drywall specialist to do a thorough inspection. We do emergency drywall repair in Central Oregon and nearby locations and are happy to take the call even during weekends.

Nail Popping Out
When you start to see nails popping out of your wall or notice raised parts on your boards is likely caused by poor drywall taping procedure. During installation, your drywall might have not been fastened completely with the drywall tape and joint compound on your studs. It takes patience and skilled workmanship to get the drywall taping done properly. Only trust your drywall repair to reputable companies to prevent repeat repairs. Central Oregon Drywall Repair services guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction with our experienced and licensed drywall installers and repair contractors.

Cracked Drywall
Depending on the extent of the damage, our gypsum board repair experts will recommend the best solution for your drywall. For small cracks due to property settling, we recommend to have the hairline cracks patched with a joint compound that is applied smoothly and then reapplication of paint. We want the drywall to be preserved as not to cause more costly repair, but if determined to have extensive damage that no compound application can mend, we suggest doing a drywall replacement instead. It might sound more expensive, but having a quality drywall replacement will save you more in the long run.