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Drywall is a practical choice when you want a speedy installation and inexpensive construction material for your home or place of business. Though it is virtually easy to install, you do need an experienced drywall installer to fully enjoy the benefits of the versatile material. Mold or cracks forming on your wall are some common problems when your drywall is not installed the right way.

Central Oregon Drywall Contractors is your go-to professional drywall installers that provide top-grade service for homeowners and businesses in the locality. As a family-owned business established in 2018, we have provided quality drywall installation to a wide range of projects.

There’s more than affordability and speed of installation when it comes to drywall. With quality drywall and the right drywall installation procedure, you get excellent insulation keeping heat in during the cold season while keeping the cool air in during the hot days.

We all know that building a new home or doing a renovation can be a costly endeavor and protecting our investment is of importance. The great thing is that drywall boards are naturally fire-resistive thanks to the large water content within the gypsum molecules. When a structural fire occurs, the water content takes in the heat and eventually prevents the fire from spreading to other areas. We observed when overhauling burned down rooms that areas of drywalls that have received heat damage are pulled out easily compared to drywalls without damage. That is because the board shrinks and cracks when subjected to fire.

The flame-resistant gypsum wallboard (drywall) should be installed by an experienced and certified drywall installer to ensure meticulous and proper installation. From the prepping of the site down to the final inspection, a professional drywall contractor is knowledgeable and has the right equipment to guarantee excellent installation.

Drywall Specialists
At Central Oregon Drywall Contractors, we specialize in installing quality drywall boards and as a local homegrown business since 2018 we have done over 100 drywall installations for both residential and commercial properties.

Our dynamic team is composed of licensed and experienced personnel who understand the value of time, passion for the trade, and prioritizing safety above all. We never leave a project until our clients are 100% satisfied.

Best in the Trade
Through our years in the trade, we have received overwhelming feedback from past and repeat clients. These positive responses inspire us to do more and always provide top-quality service. Whether you want to replace a few pieces of drywall in your home or building a multi-story commercial building, we are more than capable to handle all types of projects.

Our excellent service cannot be possible without partnering with top-brands in the drywall business as well as utilizing advanced installation techniques and procedures. At Central Oregon Drywall Contractors, we have established a good rapport with suppliers, clients, and businesses.

More than excellent third-party relations, we are proud of our team of drywalling experts. Their extensive training, professional values, and excellent workmanship made it possible to have all our projects done always right for the first time.

Even with the most demanding of time schedules our drywall installation company in Central Oregon have successfully delivered excellent service. This is in credit to our excellent project management team who utilizes and maximizes resources to ensure that our clients are met with 100% customer satisfaction.

Complete and Great Service
Drywall Installations – We specify the right quality drywall board type for your property. For example, drywall installation in basements, garage, kitchen, and other areas that are subject to high moisture and have a high-risk of fire hazard require basement boards. In addition, to prevent the formation of mold and mildew additional coatings will be needed.

Specialized Projects – With our comprehensive service, we have highly skilled craftsmen to provide you any added touches that go along with drywall installation. For instance, you may require installing vinyl corner beads or drywall taping and mudding. We are a complete one-stop-shop where you get all your drywall needs.

Types of Drywall
At Central Oregon Drywall Contractors, we cover all types of drywall boards. For instance, you might need to install top drywall brands such as Blueboard, DensShield, American Gypsum, Certain Teed Gypsum, Georgia-Pacific, Lafarge, or USG Corp. From standard drywall brands to specialized brands such as Type X fire-rated and Type C fire rated that are mold resistant and has fire protection properties.

Standard Dimensions